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About Us


PHAROS Financial Group was established to provide seed or venture funding for new business initiatives. With an orientation towards financial services, the group’s main interests are in product and services initiatives that have the capacity to deliver differentiated and desired solutions for licensees, advisers and their clients.

We challenge the current marketplace, by conceiving and creating better financial advice solutions. We’re about innovation – not reinvention.

An excellent introduction to our way of thinking and the PHAROS way of challenging and facilitating ideas is the whitepaper “Adapt of Die, the impending Digital Tsunami”. Written by our Founders, this paper has be widely recognised by the financial services industry as provocative and thought leading. So much so that its authors were invited to attend and participate in the world renowned Exponential Finance Conference in New York City, facilitated by Singularity University.

In the paper Tony addresses the notion that the financial services industry is not keeping pace with digital technology as we have been too obsessed with other matters such as FOFA and the economy. With this in mind PHAROS encourage those who are willing to step out of the daily grind and allow themselves to image the possibilities of combining our skills, experience, intellect and personalities with technology.

PDF of whitepaper “Adapt of Die, the impending Digital Tsunami”

For those willing to CONCEIVE, CREATE and CAPITALISE, we are there to help you.


We are industry practitioners who have invested a significant portion of our careers creating and running businesses that demand knowledge and expertise in many different areas of the financial services industry.

Tony Hartley

Tony Hartley

Director, PHAROS Financial Group

Tony is the strategic head of the business, always looking at new ways of doing things and is known in the financial services industry as a thought provoking, charismatic leader and entrepreneur.

Tony grew up as the son of an adviser, listening to robust family debates with actuaries, fund managers industry members. He joined the financial services industry “kicking and screaming” but through osmosis he already knew it so was like a duck to water when he began his career as an adviser.

Mark Perry

Mark Perry

Managing Director (PHAROS)

Mark says he is a fisherman and plumber by trade but joined the financial services industry in 1988 when he met Tony Hartley who was his BDM. He perfectly compliments Tony’s macro and strategic view with the micro and focus on details.

Mark’s roles have been extremely broad including heading operational management, strategy development, implementation, product and platform innovation, distribution management, superannuation consultancy, marketing and technical support as well as ongoing education program developments.

Email: mperry@pharosgroup.com.au

Cassandra Boyle

Cassandra Boyle

Senior Manager, PHAROS Financial Group

Cass Boyle is the hub of Pharos Group. She is organised, straight up and will always get things done.

As Operations Manager, Cass is involved with the day to day running of crucial dealer group services such as revenue processing, Annual Conference and PD Days, Knowledge Share, Benchmarking, Professional Development and Marketing.

Email: cassb@knowledgecollective.com.au

Jeff Deverich

Jeff Deverich

Chief Operating Officer, PHAROS Financial Group.

Spending 12 years with the traditional old fashioned institution of Rothschilds gave me the experience, skills, values and contacts to add value and solve problems with a particular focus on Trusts, tax efficient financial structures and end to end process.

Email: jeff@dev-lyn.com.au

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